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At Home Suspension Trainer Hack

Hi Guys!

As my personal training clients will attest, I LOVE suspension training using my TRX. It is such a simple but effective bit of kit, I have used it complete beginners in for their first day teaching them basic exercises such as squats or rows, right up to international level athletes where we may have them suspended upside down or in any manor of crazy positions.

Now without having your own TRX at home, you may feel suspension training is beyond you and your home workouts. Well fret no more, I'm going to give you some options to pimp up your at home training.

Option 1 - The Bedsheet Method.

As given to my clients in the awesome "No Gym, No Problem!" plans. This simple method uses nothing but a standard bedsheet. Simply take your sheet, tie a nice big knot in the middle, sling it over a door, close the door, lock it if possible (but not necessary), et voila, a suspension trainer, at home, for free, that takes about 10-20 seconds to set up.

Option 2 - Non-TRX Suspension Trainer

The internet is now awash with suspension trainers available to buy. They come in a mass of different styles, colours and price ranges. Some even come with an over the door attachment. However, as with anything, you get what you pay for. I have seen cheaper versions snap during use leading to sometimes painful but often hilarious results.

Ones I have seen used and not snap on people;

Option 3 - TRX System

The original and in my opinion still the best. A bit more expensive but does the job perfectly. I have personally had mine for over ten years now and it is still going strong. I'm not sure what makes them so robust, I think I remember reading something about a patent they had for the stitching? The strap includes a number of patents from the handles to the door anchor and TRX fights hard to keep these enforced. Simply when it comes to suspension trainers, TRX is head and shoulders above the rest (I know I sound like a complete shill but I would like to say I have no affiliation to TRX or Fitness Anywhere LLC). TRX now has a range of products including a lighterweight version specifically geared towards home use.

For more info or to check out TRXs check the links below;

So there we have it, from a simple bedsheet to a commercial standard bit of kit, suspension training is something you could and definitely should be adding in to your home workouts!

Look out in the future as I will be adding articles and videos about some of the amazing workouts and exercises you can carry out on a suspension trainer.

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