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"I'm Jack, I'm 33 from Southampton, UK. I have a honors degree in sports therapy and I am a level 3 advanced qualified personal trainer. 

I began personal training straight out of university, eventually opening my own studio in April 2014. I have trained hundreds of clients in my time, and still have some clients I picked up in my first few weeks as a trainer. I love seeing people improve and grow, that spark of joy when someone beats an old personal best, it's what drives me and has kept me in the profession, there aren't many better feelings. 

In order to spread my reach and increase the number of people I am able to assist and interact with I have begun transferring my skills and knowledge into online coaching programs. I haven't been running Precision Online for long but already some of the results have been incredible. 

I want to make sure you haven't just signed up for a meal plan and a few exercises. That can be done with a simple Google search. I want this to be as personal as remote training can be."

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