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The Secret to Success? Goal Setting

Goals come in many shapes, sizes, and flavours. Whether your goals are fitness related – “I’m going to run the London Marathon”, health related – “I’m going to lose 3 stone”, or other – “I’m going to spend at least 3 hours every day watching hilarious videos of cats on YouTube!” you need a plan.

Generally, when setting goals, we think big. Often too big. So, I am here to help make some of these goals seem a bit more attainable (I’m good to you lot, I really am!)

Right then, first we are going to talk about the goal itself. Is it a SMART goal? Oh yes, SMART! If you went to school / college / university in Britain in the last 20 years, chances are you have come across this beautiful little acronym. And it is as relevant today as it was when you were writing out your aims and goals for year 8 maths!!

For those of you who led sheltered lives or have managed to drive the SMART principal of goal setting out of your head let me enlighten you again.

SMART stands for

Specific – Do you have a clear goal not a general wishy washy one?

Measurable – Can you track the progress of your goal?

Attainable – Is the goal realistic in your selected time frame?

Relevant – Is there any point in doing it, do you actually want to do it?

Time bound – Target date or time frame to complete goal.

So, there you have it, SMART, ensure that whatever your goal is, you can give these details.

Now onto the doing part.

You have made your grand master plan for world domination, or maybe just decided to lose your tummy, so how do we stick to the plan and not get distracted or lose focus?

Here are some tips –

  1. Write down your resolution or goal and put it somewhere you will see every day – this will keep you focused and keep the goal fresh in your mind.

  2. Next to this write your reason for making this resolution in order to keep you motivated when it stars getting tough.

  3. Create a plan. This is massively important; a goal without a plan is simply wishful thinking. Plan your goal out in small, easily manageable steps that can be measured. This will keep you motivated and make the whole goal seem a lot more attainable. Remember “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

  4. Remain flexible. I’m not talking about being able to do the splits, I mean if you fall behind on a goal or part of your plan, don’t just give up. Giving up is for losers. And no one likes losers. Pick yourself up, think about where you went wrong and how you can avoid doing it again, re-evaluate your goal or next step and see if it can be broken down further then set yourself a new completion date and get back to it!

“If you fall behind on a goal or part of your plan, don’t just give up.”

That’s it, EASY!

So, what are you waiting for? Get to it!

Remember the difference between doing something and not doing something, is doing something.

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